Wednesday, October 5, 2016

simply i handmade bohemian clothing//a creative loaf
free spirit ...  fun ... casual ... cool, are words that come to mind when describing todays maker, irene with simply i . i'm so glad our paths crossed as irene's sense of style is not only unique, but can bring out that inner flower child in us all. even more, this beautiful soul radiates with positive energy
and is ready to take the world by storm with her creative designs. take a peek and learn more about irene and her easy living bohemian collection. simply i handmade bohemian clothing//a creative loaf simply i handmade bohemian clothing//a creative loaf simply i handmade bohemian clothing//a creative loaf simply i handmade bohemian clothing//a creative loaf simply i handmade bohemian clothing//a creative loaf in her own words ... 

1/how would you describe your collection?
my collection is an evolution of my own personal style journey. originally, simply i started as a trendy clothing line. as my attitude towards fashion changed and my desire to express my own individuality became a need, i began designing pieces (harem pants) which reflected my love for bohemian and hippie fashion. this new direction gave me a sense of self expression as it truly represented me - colorful, funky, comfortable, and fun. thru fabric i express myself by mixing and matching patterns and prints. colors can dictate various moods from unspoken subtleties to outspoken vibrant hues. most importantly, i wanted my customers to be able to experience the same freedom when wearing my collection. 

to be bold.  
to be unique. 

each piece is timeless and original. 
everything in my shop is crafted and sewn by me. 

2/where does your inspiration come from? 
i am inspired by things all around me. inspiration can come from fellow artists, a theatre costume, a conversation, or comment on social media. my family inspires me too. of course, i do have moments when creativity is blocked, i'm uninspired, or notice traffic to my shop may be a little slow. it's in these moments i have hope and keep going. i tell myself don’t stop, just keep creating. this determination has helped me stay the course with simply i and follow my passion to the end. even more, my satisfied customers motivate me and i am challenged to continue creating designs that will bring new customers to my shop. 

3/what are your favorite materials to work with when creating your clothing? 
i love working with cotton fabrics and knits. denim is slowly emerging in my pieces too. i would love trying something unexpected like lace - just have to get a free moment to sit down and let that creative process begin.

4/what do you listen to while your create? or any rituals before you begin your creative process? 
i really should stretch or have breakfast before i start working, as my husband recommends. but, i am like really? {laughter erupts}. when i wake up and i have the time to create, i go to my sewing table right away. between my actual work, being mom, wife, etc. i have to try and fit everything within my day, often stealing a free moment to sneak into the garage (aka my studio) to work on my pieces whenever i can. 

on the musical note, sometimes during my breaks from sewing, i do karaoke (on youtube) and sing to myself...{giggles} don’t laugh Chandra ;) 

5/who would you love to see wearing your brand? 
YOU ... whoever is reading this :)

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photos by simply i for a creative loaf.


  1. These are wonderful!! And I love the bit about being bold and unique! Happy Friday x



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