Friday, July 1, 2016

creative loaf blog//a creative loaf loaf.
slang: older use. head or brains.
as in use your (creative) loaf.

the girl
i'm chandra. soul partner, vintage seeker.  maker and finder of creative things.  i'm a lover of peppermint gum and have a quirky affection for plants.  my mind is an ever changing collage, cluttered with thoughts of fashion, food, diy, photography, and art.  i'm a curator of sorts which stems from my early days of collecting torn images from magazines taped neatly in notebooks filled with creative writing. i still cut and paste today, sometimes sharing my creations here. my passion for words and imagery led me to the world of marketing.  when i'm not working,  i'm usually hanging out with my sweet boy + the dog, eating chips, growing plants, trekking thru the woods somewhere, and of course, blogging.

the blog
creative loaf is a supportive community of artisans, artists, diyers, art lovers, vintage vagabonds, handmade fanatics and anyone seeking to live a creative life in style. our community is encouraged to find beauty in the everyday and be inspired by the ordinary to create something extraordinary. we are passionate about what we do and create, even if it takes us  a long time to complete. we don't rush the process.  we enjoy every minute and take pride in its completion. we share, encourage, and support the works of others. we have an appreciation for things that are different and unique. we encourage weird. we are bound by our desire to bring a little creativity to the world.

contact me

if you would like to submit your work, business, or product and you think it would be a good match for our community, please send your submissions to with the word "submission" in the subject line. include a brief description along with 2-3 photos (must be at least 800px wide) of your work. i love the opportunity to discover new and upcoming brands and working with established ones as well, so it would be an honor to have you here! please note, by sending a submission does not guarantee placement on the blog. also, all post will be written by me (no sponsored posts written by third parties) with the opinions expressed being my own.

art collab by michal hartal and a creative loaf.


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